Shipping Update for EU and UK Customers
Nov 22, 2021

Hey Everyone,

The recent past has been an interesting time to be in the business of sending products around the world. The worldwide pandemic has placed unfathomable amounts of pressure on global supply chains and we at Ghostfire Gaming are incredibly proud of how we have managed to navigate these tumultuous waters.

The implementation of both Brexit and IOSS numbers in the UK and EU have greatly complicated the Tax landscape of the EU. While we are working on obtaining all the relevant identifiers necessary to pay VAT in the EU and UK the process is incredibly slow and bureaucratic. As such, until such a time as we can comply with EU and UK law we are unable to ship items from our webstore to the EU using DDP postage. This means our products will be delivered DAP or Duty Unpaid. This is unfortunate as our EU and UK customers will need to pay customs on their products themselves. 

If we do not implement this change, no new orders from the EU or UK will be able to be dispatched until we receive our IOSS and VAT numbers through their respective processes. We are greatly apologetic for the inconvenience caused by this change, and we are working hard to rectify this issue as quickly as possible.

In summary, until further notice, all customers from the EU or UK ordering products from our webstore will be required to pay any customs charges themselves.


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