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Explore wondrous islands and sail across a sea of starlight floating in the Astral Plane. Inside the Aetherial Expanse Setting Guide, you’ll discover a huge new 5e-compatible campaign setting filled with character options, naval combat rules, and monsters from across the Aetherial Expanse.

What’s Inside?

An Expansive High Fantasy Setting

This guide to the Aetherial Expanse provides everything you need to start your own 5th Edition campaigns in a wondrously magical setting. Inside this gloriously illustrated hardcover sourcebook, you’ll find over 200 pages of rich swashbuckling content to bring to your gaming table, including:

  • Factions and Fleets: Discover the nations seeking to control the starlight sea’s wealth and the independent factions caught in their conflict.
  • Island Gazetteer: Peruse the geography of this region of the Astral Plane, including guides to the settlements scattered along its shores.
  • An Aetherial Bestiary: Call upon dozens of new creatures to challenge your players, such as aetherwolves, feathered stars, and astral titans.
  • Magic and Artifice: The discovery of arcane-infused aetherium has unleashed a flood of wondrous new magitech devices, creating an insatiable appetite for the valuable material.

The Aetherial Expanse Setting Guide is launching on Kickstarter soon! Make sure to follow the Kickstarter page to stay up to date with all the details!