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Sunken Isles

A 5th Edition magical adventure setting for GMs & Players, filled with new features, playable races and more.

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6,462 backers pledged $506,465 to help bring this project to life on Kickstarter.

Hey there everyone!

And that’s it, our Sunken Isles Kickstarter has officially come to a close! Thank you to all the 6,462 backers who contributed to our Kickstarter. $506,465 in funding is an absolutely incredible achievement and we’re so grateful to everyone who helped create this setting, conceptualised its beauty and brought it to life. We just wanted to take a moment to say a special thank you to a few certain people without whom Sunken Isles wouldn’t be what it is today…

Thank You!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you! We will be in touch shortly with the post-Kickstarter schedule which will outline a number of important dates for you to lock away in your calendars. Please keep an eye out for this and future updates from both Eldermancy and Ghostfire Gaming as these will contain important information that relates to you receiving your Kickstarter pledge.
So that’s all from us for a while, we hope you all love what more is to come for the Isles of Manaki and the world of the Sunken Isles!

For the full list of thank yous, please check out our latest kickstarter update, here: