Arora: Age of Desolation is a 5th Edition post-apocalyptic fantasy setting which spans multiple realms filled with dragons.

Welcome to Arora

Welcome to Arora

The Five Realms of Arora

Five realms struggle daily in an effort to survive the effects of Shardscale-maddened dragons. Explore the lightning charged realm of Gallaht or the scorched wasteland of volcanoes as you avoid or confront their Dragon Monarchs.

New 5e Environment Survival Rules

Get excited for brand-new environment challenges rules that give you all the tools that you need to run a gritty survival session where the environment challenges your players with the defined rules and mechanics of 5e.


Innovative Character Creation

Ghostfire’s Heritage System character creation gives players the option to build their characters from a huge choice of  ancestral traits.

Create your character from over 80 traits and a slew of brand-new backgrounds bringing about endless combinations.

Advantage System

We have evolved the revolutionary advantage system for 5e even further, by allowing players (and GMs) to elect for alternative benefits over the standard d20 advantage system.