Aetherial Expanse: Setting Guide [Hardcover Book]


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Explore wondrous islands and sail across a sea of starlight floating in the Astral Plane. Inside this sourcebook, you’ll discover an expansive new 5e-compatible campaign setting filled with character options, naval combat rules, and monsters from across the Aetherial Expanse.

  • Expansive Lore. Extensive information on this high-fantasy Astral Plane setting includes detailed locations, factions,  people of interest, and enough hooks to launch your swashbuckling adventures on the starlight sea.
  • Character Options. Over a dozen new subclasses, three new species, and Ghostfire’s character heritage system to craft a mix of species and cultural traits to define your character’s racial background.
  • Naval Rules. Shipbuilding rules to craft vessels that are more than a stat block. Grow your crew’s reputation as they navigate across the starlight sea. Naval combat that brings to life chaotic ship-to-ship battles at your game table.
  • Mystifying Magic. A treasure trove of spells, magic items, and new magitech crafted from arcane-infused aetherium.
  • Monstrous Menagerie. A compilation of creatures and threats to challenge your players as they venture across the expanse’s mysterious silver seas.


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