Fight the Blight – Core Game

Core Game Hero faded bg
Fight The Blight Core Game
Golden chalice
Fight The Blight Core Game

8 Character Cards

Play as a survivor with unique abilities!

1 golden chalice

45 Attack Cards

Infect your friends and turn them into zombies!

Fight The Blight Core Game

10 defense cards

10 Death Cards

15 Utility Cards

Build your defenses!

Avoid at all costs – this infection cannot be healed!

Gather your supplies!

Fight the Blight – Expansion

Exp hero final faded bg
Exp character cards
Exp attack

8 Character Cards

Sci-fi and Fantasy themed characters with new abilities!

46 Attack Cards

Even more ways to turn your friends into zombies!

Exp Defense cards
Exp death cards
Exp utility

12 defense cards

6 death cards

12 Utility cards

Fortify your defenses!

Put an end to your enemies with a Sci-fi and fantasy flair!

Craft new strategies!

FTB Content creator cards

Play as your favorite DnD content creator, with custom artwork and exciting new abilities!

These cards are available for a limited time only

Blaine Simple
Exp utility
Dingo Doodles
Davvy Chappy

Blaine Simple



Dingo Doodles

Davvy Chappy

Ready to play?

Download our rulebook to learn how you can fight the blight!

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