Looking for quests of heroes, villains and more?
Well here they are, in the Quest-O-Nomicon!

Let The Adventures Begin

The Quest-O-Nomicon is a compendium of adventures chronicled by Ser Nominus! Explore 10 different stories and 30 different adventures! The stories held in this tome are customizable, so whether you’re a group with years or experience, or a new GM looking to introduce some friends to 5th-edition, there’s something for everyone in the Quest-O-Nomicon.

What Path Will You Choose?

In this book you’ll find a number of different themes to choose from. Fight a dragon to save a city, ride through the wild west to catch a train, take to the high seas to track down treasure, escape a horrifying town or delve into a destroyed wasteland; the choices are yours in the Quest-O-Nomicon!

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