SC Guide to Drakkenheim

The destiny of the Dark City is yours to decide, if you survive the Dungeons of Drakkenheim!


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The second book from the Dungeon Dudes!

This 5e Campaign Guide is filled to the brim with player options and mechanics to help explore the world of Drakkenheim.

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Forged with Ghostfire
Sebastian Crowes Dungeons of Drakkenheim
We’ve developed a new subclass for each of the twelve core classes in Fifth Edition inspired by the trappings of eldritch horror and dark fantasy.

While each reflects the world of Drakkenheim, all are compatible with any Fifth Edition campaign.

These subclasses include:

Path of the Old Gods Barbarian

College of Doomsayers Bard

Shadow Domain Cleric

Circle or Contamination Druid

Commander Fighter

Way of the Arcane Hand Monk

Oath of Hexes Paladin

Urban Ranger

Smuggler Rogue

Flesh Pact Warlock

Delerium Soul Sorcerer

Malfeasant Wizard

Sebastian Crowes Dungeons of Drakkenheim
We’ve long wanted to broaden the scope of tools in our Fifth Edition Games. 

We’ve designed new tool options inspired by the occult practices and dark fantasy, and created a dozen new feats offering player characters expanded ways to use their tools during their adventures and downtime.

Those feats allow characters to improve their weapons and armor, brew potions, create scrolls, build traps, and much more based on their existing proficiencies.

Sebastian Crowes Dungeons of Drakkenheim
The threat of eldritch contamination has grown beyond the walls of Drakkenheim into the wider world unprepared for its terrors!

Discover the lore, people, history, characters, and locations found in Westmar, Caspia, and Elyria – a continent gripped by political intrigue and conflict between mages, nobility, and priest.

Each nation has its own cast of cunning characters, fantastic locations, pressing problems, and terrible monsters. 

The details herein can inspire player character creation and backstories, and feature adventure ideas, plot hooks, rumors, and events for Dungeon Masters to design their own adventures or entire campaigns set in the world of Drakkenheim.

While developing an Apothecary, we realized the class needed new spells which harness acid, poison, and necrotic magic!

We’ve designed at least one spell of every level (including cantrips!) which deals one or more of these damage types – over fifty spells in all.

Conjure acid rain, unleash a deadly corrosive blast, spread vile pestilence, or lay waste to your foes with a corpse explosion!

While these spells were created with the Apothecary in mind, all existing Fifth Edition spellcasting classes can select from several of these deadly and macabre spells too!

Sebastian Crowes Dungeons of Drakkenheim

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