Sebastian Crowe’s Guide to Drakkenheim: PDF

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Sebastian Crowe’s Guide to Drakkenheim is filled with new player options for Fifth Edition created by the Dungeon Dudes! The all-new Apothecary class, an intelligence-based spellcaster whose esoteric powers combine medical science and occult magic!

Dozens of new spells harnessing deadly poison, burning acid, and withering necrotic forces. Contaminated versions of your favorite spells in Fifth Edition empowered by corrupting eldritch energy! New subclasses for every class in Fifth Edition, including the witch-sworn Oath of Hexes Paladin, the magic-wielding Way of the Arcane Hand monk, and the fallen Circle of Contamination Druid. Take charge of the battle as the Commander Fighter, secure your next big score as the Smuggler Rogue, or rain death from the rooftops as the Urban Ranger! Embrace the darkness with the Shadow Domain Cleric, usher in your foe’s final fate as the College of Doomsayers Bard, or embrace hideous new forms with the Flesh Pact Warlock Patron! Take up arms — literally — to crush your foes as the Path of the Old Gods Barbarian, and master contaminated magic as the Delerium Soul Sorcerer or the Malfeasant Wizard! Explore the dark fantasy World of Drakkenheim, a conflict-riddled world gripped by political conflict and haunted by otherworldly abominations.

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62 reviews for Sebastian Crowe’s Guide to Drakkenheim: PDF

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  1. Amazing Setting.

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  2. Can we get this on D&D Beyond like Drakkenheim is

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  3. Really amazing book. Well written, good layout. Pdf was perfect without errors.

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  4. Super awesome book! PDF delivered instantly, love ghostfire products

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  5. The product has been an amazing read! So excited to use this in my campaign I am currently running!

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