Grim Hollow Campaign Setting: PDF


This is the PDF version only.. 

Grim Hollow provides everything Players and GM’s require in order to bring their Grim-Dark setting to life.

Do you dare set foot within the world of Etharis?

A god-less, unforgiving, war-torn world filled with Curses, Plagues & Ghoulish Creatures. A civilization that has long forgotten hope and now clings on desperately for survival.

Will you be the one to lead those who have lost hope into a new-age of peace?

Or will you succumb to the Darkness and decimate anything that stumbles across your path?


  • Discover a World in Desperate Need of Heroes


    • In a world that is brimming with history, depth, culture & conflict, players will fight for every small victory and mourn every loss as the very world itself fights back.


  • Transform Yourself in a Hunt for Power


    • Within Grim Hollow there are over five different Player Character transformations available; each with their own diverse range of pros and cons.


  • Invoke Supernatural Powers and lay waste to those who Oppose You.


    • Featuring a diverse array of new spells & feats, as well as the addition of Curses; you will find that there is always a means to an end…for a price.


  • Flesh Out Your Character’s with Unique Motivations and Goals.


    • Containing a completely rebuilt Background System with a host of new feats and abilities, you’re character can start as a simple peasant and arise to the role of powerful Crime Lord. Forge your own pathway.

If you’ve been searching for an in-depth resource overflowing with lore, notable NPC’s, a range of new mechanics, items and spells; An imaginative, gripping and downright fear-inducing campaign guide then prepare yourself, for you have stumbled upon what you seek.

Welcome, to Etharis… We’ll see if you survive…

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(verified owner)
June 3, 2020

Holly molly. It was far from what I expected… Far better! I couldn’t ever imagine something so good. Every single pages make me wanna read it again and again. Oh, and those new mechanics, so much to do, so much to test on my fellow players. Worth every single penny. I would recommend this as much as I recommend playing D&D 5e (Sorry for any mistakes, not a native speaker).


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