Grim Hollow: Monster Grimoire – All Miniature Sets (10x Boxes)


The full collection of our Grim Hollow: The Monster Grimoire Miniatures!

This massive deal includes over 60 minis of different shapes and sizes; supporting any GM in achieving the ultimate level of terror, fear and horror at the gaming table!

Sets included are:

  • 5x Regular miniature sets – Weeping Zombies, Tormach Cultists, Rage-Infected Bugbears, The Hurrock and Shadowsteel Ghouls
  • 3x Large miniature sets – Champions of Tormach, Zombie Trolls and Hungerer Beasts
  • 2x Gigantic miniature sets – Daemon Oak and the Chiropteran Behemoth

Assembly required.

Size: 22cmx20cmx15cm

Weight: 2.25Kg

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Weight 2.25 kg


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