GM Screen & Tool Kit


The perfect tool kit and scene-setter for beginner and experienced GMs alike!

Magnet-compatible on both the player and GM-facing sides, this 4-panel, hard cardstock screen is ready to be customised by you!

Accompanying the screen itself will be a range of tools including:

? Magnetic player and monster initiative trackers, allowing you to easily track the order of combat in every battle. Each of the 6 player character trackers are also color-coded to their corresponding player pawns in the Friends and Foes Pawn Set

? A magnet frame designed to turn any card from the Quest-O-Nomicon NPC & Monsters Deck into a Wanted Poster (instant Bounty Cards!)

? Additional magnets for pinning cards, notes and sketches to your board.

? Oversized Big Bad Evil Guy/Gal (BBEG) overhang cards featuring key artwork to really have your villain make their entrance, along with helpful stats and storytelling prompts to bring them to life!

? A series of tip sheets featuring game mechanics, storytelling prompts and encounter maps tailored to each of the adventures within the book ? simply pin them in place with the supplied magnets to make the perfect reference for any game session.

? Blank template sheets to allow you to customise your screen even more!

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