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Fables Membership

$14.99 now, and $14.99 on the 1st of each month

Fables is an episodic subscription service. Each Fable comprises six episodes released monthly, and in each of the episodes are four chapters.

The Fables are designed to be run together, but their episodic nature also makes them perfect for plugging and playing them into your ongoing campaign.

Each month, Fables Members will receive:

  • Four Chapters in one Epic Episode belonging to the current Fable
  • Digital Maps relevant to the current Fable
  • Digital Tokens relevant to the current Fable
  • Exclusive access to the previous months Fables at the subscription rate
  • For more info, check out our Fables page here!

This Product is only available in English at this time.

First payment: 01/06/2022