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Dungeons Of Drakkenheim Digital Maps [PDF]

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Bring your campaign to life with this pack of Digital Tactical Maps!

Inside, you’ll find 10 double-sided 30×30 inch maps featuring featuring a minimum of 16 key Dungeons of Drakkenheim locations.

Each map is adorned with full colour art. There will be no need to get the markers out and draw your surrounds with these ready to play maps!

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15 reviews for Dungeons Of Drakkenheim Digital Maps [PDF]

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  1. Extremely helpful maps with high quality!

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  2. I’m so excited for the opportunity to run this campaign for my friends! I’ve already gotten to play in it as a player for 5 months now, and the module allows the GM so many opportunities for giving the game their own flavor while still providing plenty of structure to work within so you don’t run out of ideas. The hooks for players to act on are endless, and the way the factions are crafted so no single option is without fault makes every decision important. I would say this campaign might be a handful for newer GM’s, but definitely not impossible.

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  3. worth it!

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  4. Great use for current game and future games. Easily transfer to R20!

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  5. Love it

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