Drakkenheim: Legendary Bosses Miniature Set

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A set of the five most ominous and famed villains from with the city of Drakkenheim!

Made from a quality hard plastic, these miniatures will arrive fully assembled and in a solid grey colour. Painting required.

The foes that await in this set are:

  • Lenore
  • Rat Prince
  • Crimson Countess
  • Lord of the Feast
  • The Executioner

Size: 20cmx22cmx3cm
Weight: 0.1Kg

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A set of 5 of the most ominous villains from within the City. Miniatures are set to a 32mm scale, made of quality hard plastic and range from 22mm to 55mm in height. Some assembly will be required for these miniatures; however, painting will be – as miniature will arrive in a solid grey colour.

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Weight 0.1 kg

12 reviews for Drakkenheim: Legendary Bosses Miniature Set

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  1. Excellent minis at a good value.

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  2. I’m mixed on the models. The executioner is best out of them, lord of the feat and the crimson countess are quite good as well but are really hurt by the mold lines. The mold lines are is really awkward places which makes it nearly impossible to remove all of them without damaging the model. For painting the models I had trouble with priming the models with spray can, the first layer doesn’t stick quite as well as I hoped, even with washing the model beforehand. I would recommend painting the first layer with brush instead of spray can to make sure you don’t cover all the fine details, which look really good on most models!

    The models I’m less happy with are Lenore and the Rat prince, the crimson countess also has some of these issues but that is due to the size of the models. The Lenore I received has really bad mold lines over the shoulders, head and hands. It’s really difficult to remove properly, from the images on the box, the actual model doesn’t look the same as well. The snake hair isn’t quite as clear, this is also the same with the crimson countess, the head piece is a bit different, as well as her spear doesn’t have the flairs as seen on the box. I still do like the crimson countess a lot, Lenore isn’t bad but I don’t like it as much.

    I did have two of models come in broken at first but customer support has been excellent in resolving the issue. Overall, I think the models are pretty good, I think the price is accurate to quality, I didn’t say a lot on the Lord of the Feast and Executioner but those models are excellent! Keep in mind you have to glue/magnetize the models to the base plate.

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  3. Will look great painted

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  4. How do you actually attach the mini to the base?

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  5. The minis are awesome. Cant wait to paint these

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