Drakkenheim: Horror of Ash Bay [PDF]


Horror of Ash Bay is an adventure compatible with 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Designed by the Dungeon Dudes, Monty Martin & Kelly McLaughlin this adventure can be run as an interlude during a Dungeons of Drakkenheim campaign or a standalone adventure. Appropriate for 8th-to 12th-level player characters, characters will investigate the eldritch influences in the town of Ashschaffen ultimately leading to a climactic confrontation with the Duchess. Confront eldritch abominations, wield powerful spells and avoid corruption at all costs as you fight to stop the Horror of Ash Bay.

In this adventure you will find:

  • New eldritch horrors for 5th edition
  • Contaminated spells
  • All the maps needed to run the adventure ready for VTT!
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