Scared of the dark? 

What hides there is worse.

The Monster Grimoire is packed full of over 300 new monsters, tailor-made for a dark fantasy campaign.

The foes in this supplement, ranging from capricious fey to corrupt fiends, can fit nicely into any 5e campaign where the players are looking for a devious and deadly challenge.

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New and
TWISTED monsters

Savage beasts, twisted aberrations, and unrelenting undead: the Monster Grimoire has covered all your needs.

The book also contains a variety of player-facing content to immerse them into a dark setting: terrible familiars, twisted sidekicks, and more.

Prepare for a fight

In addition to monster lore and stats, each monster comes with something new: suggested salvage.

Not only will monster entries suggest treasure for the creatures, they detail methods that characters might use to harvest monster parts to turn into equipment or magic items.

Want to know what can be made with the fangs of a vanquished vampire? We’ll tell you!


Foe experimentation 
and Encounter Advice

Players expect the unexpected, so as a GM you should always have a surprise ready. The Monster Grimoire provides methods to add surprising changes to your current foes. Utilize monster templates like the fiend and the specter.

New monsters are great but using them appropriately can be tricky. This supplement provides in-depth advice and analysis on creating dark fantasy encounters within campaigns that terrify and delight your players without overwhelming them.


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