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  • TheConflicted started the topic Aberrant Horror, Hypnotic Trance Help in the forum Rules Discussion 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Howdy! I just bought this book after MrRhexx on youtube suggested it. Fantastic book! I’m gonna be able to make use of so many of these variant rules in my game!

    While I was looking through the transformations I found something under the Aberrant Horror, for the Other-Worldly Tendrils feature, there’s something under Hypnotic Trance that confuses me. Specifically it says;

    On a failed save, all
    attack rolls against the target have advantage,
    until the start of the affected creatures next turn.
    A creature that has failed this saving throw makes
    another Wisdom saving throw at the end of each
    of its turns. On a successful save, it is no longer
    affected by this Adaptation.

    What confuses me is that the effect only lasts until the start of the next creature’s next turn, so why is a saving throw even needed? Is there something I missing or is this a bug?

    • I’m 99% sure this is a mistake and I even contacted ghostfiregaming about it. I’m still waiting for an answer, but on the of chance that this isn’t a mistake, here’s how I interpret the rules:

      The affected creatures must make a Wisdom save at the end of its turn.
      SUCSES = end of effect.
      FAIL = affected until the start of the creatures next turn.

      Basically, the effect only functions OUTSIDE of the affected creatures turn. DURING it’s turn, the effect is suspended (opportunity attack and legendary actions don’t have advantage). I wracked my drain trying to find a way this could make sense and my conclusion still isn’t all that convincing, even to me.

      Personally I think the <> was a mistake. Without it, Hypnotic Trance would be the perfect counterpart to Toxic Spray. One gives everything advantage on attack roles against the target, the other gives the target disadvantage on attack roles against everything. Also, it would make more sense for just half a phrase to be a mistake than one third of a paragraph.

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