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  • So, as my campaign unfolds, I gradually try to make sense of the timeframe in which events described in the campaign setting take place in etharis.

    like, lets start with the great purge, which in the book sounds like the humans come from the forests of Bürach. the tribes conquer each other, they get bigger, more organized, and start…[Read more]

  • I do second this.
    The book comes with so many stories of whats happening, and actually mentions a few monsters..
    yet in the monster department, we get exclusively the curse-creatures.. who are really cool, just not enough to run with.
    I solve this by having monsters prepared for each session, which could be encountered, or maybe just hinted at. I…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure whether this is the place to post this, if not please redirect this?

    I have been worldbuilding using Etharis and the setting characters and events as my starting place since I got the pdf version about 4-5 months ago. Only now i noticed something confusing:
    On the worldmap, where one should expect to see Stehlenwald, it instead reads…[Read more]

  • Andreas Plail posted an update 2 months ago

    Hi everyone 🙂
    I DM for a group of 7, most of us are rather new to DnD, and yes our sessions are slow paced as all heck, since we love the roleplay.
    We’ve spent the past 2-3 months getting into and through our first dungeon in Etharis..
    in the process making loads of lore up, just bc the book gives many starts but no details^^. After probably more…[Read more]

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