A godless, unforgiving, wartorn world filled with curses, plagues and ghoulish creatures; Grim Hollow is home to this dark-fantasy fuelled, Fifth Edition compatible setting.

Grim Hollow: The Campaign Guide

Discover a world in desperate need of heroes. In a world that is brimming with history, depth, culture & conflict, players will fight for every small victory and mourn every loss as the very world itself fights back.

Transform yourself in a hunt for power. Within Grim Hollow there are over five different Player Character transformations available; each with their own diverse range of pros and cons.

Invoke supernatural powers and lay waste to those who oppose you. Featuring a diverse array of new spells & feats, as well as the addition of Curses; you will find that there is always a means to an end…for a price.

If you’ve been searching for an in-depth resource overflowing with lore, notable NPC’s, a range of new mechanics, items and spells; an imaginative, gripping and downright fear-inducing campaign guide then prepare yourself, for you have stumbled upon what you seek.

Grim Hollow: The Players Guide

The Players Guide is the perfect companion for players who wish to enhance their character and bring the feel of a gritty setting to their campaign. It includes:

  • 24 new subclasses
  • Races, backgrounds and a variant inspiration system, unique to Grim Hollow.
  • New schools of magic, including Sangromancy (blood magic)
  • A hoard of magic items, including magic items specific to transformation. E.g. Vampire, Fiend, Lich.
  • New Grim Hollow Player transformations for Fey, Elementals and Spectres

Grim Hollow: The Monster Grimoire

The greatest bestiary for any dark fantasy campaign!

The Monster Grimoire provides specific lore and suggested salvage for each creature, adding an increased level of depth to the terrifying foe that will be brought to your table!

Offering over 400 new monsters that roam the realms of Etharis; these creatures can fit nicely into any 5th Edition campaign, allowing GMs to challenge, frighten and delight their players.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 400 new dark and gritty creature stat blocks that fit perfectly into your Grim Hollow Campaign or other 5th edition campaign setting
  • GM guide on mastering intelligent monsters and how to use monsters to the fullest potential
  • All new magic items and salvage mechanics for every monster encounter
  • Guides on Monsters as Playable Characters