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Grim Hollow: A witch casting a ritual spell
A Grim Dark fantasy setting for 5e Tabletop Role Playing.
Created by Ghostfire Gaming
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Grim Hollow - Playing Evil Characters
The perfect companion for character creation in a 5e dark fantasy setting!
Created by Ghostfire Gaming
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Grim Hollow Monster Hunter
A 5e dark fantasy fuelled instalment of 400 monsters, from the dangerous world of Etharis.
Created by Ghostfire Gaming
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The Grim Hollow series is a grimdark fantasy Tabletop Role Play setting for the fifth edition of “The world’s Greatest Roleplaying Game”.

Grim Hollow: The Campaign Guide

Within Grim Hollow: The Campaign Guide, Game Masters will find over 200 pages of material to set adventures in the dangerous world of Etharis, and they will also be given the tools to create their own Grim/Dark setting. Containing, over five player-character transformations and accompanying mechanics, world lore, an overhauled and updated background system plus, expanded game mechanics,  Grim Hollow: The Campaign Guide is specifically designed to shift the theme of a campaign from high/ heroic fantasy to something much darker.

Grim Hollow: The Players Guide

Grim Hollow: The Players Guide is the ultimate players’ companion for making gritty characters in a dark fantasy campaign. This supplement is compatible with 5e and designed to be friendly for both beginners and veterans alike!
Grim Hollow: The Players Guide contains new subclasses for each class within 5th Edition. Each is unique to the world of Etharis and brings a dark fantasy twist. From the blood magic fuelled Sangomancer to the stern Oath of Zeal, each equips you with the tools to survive in a dark fantasy setting.

Grim Hollow: The Monster Grimoire

Grim Hollow: The Monster Grimoire offers over 400 new monsters, tailor-made for a dark fantasy campaign. The foes detailed in this supplement range from capricious fey to corrupt fiends; all which can fit nicely into any 5e campaign where the players are looking for a devious and deadly challenge. Grim Hollow: The Monster Grimoire has covered all of your need; more than just monsters, the book also contains a variety of player-facing content to immerse characters into a dark setting: terrible familiars, twisted sidekicks, and more!

Where Will Your Journey Begin?

Danger lurks around every corner…

Transform yourself in a hunt for power

Within Grim Hollow there are over five different Player character transformations available; each with their own diverse range of pros and cons.

Advanced Backgrounds
Flesh out your characters with unique motivations and goals

Containing a completely rebuilt Background System with a host of new feats and abilities, your character can start as a simple peasant and arise to the role of powerful crime lord. Forge your own pathway.

Factions of Etharis
Wherever there is an ounce of power, there is a faction built around it

The major factions of Etharis have been around long enough to overtly or covertly permeate through every stratum of society. Choose from 5 ready-made factions to drop straight into your campaigns.


Realms of Etharis
Etharis is a land of magic, terror, rising nations and crumbling empires

From the ancient Charneault Kingdom, to the bustling port of Morencia, the ambitious and desperate vie for control. From the frigid Valikan Expanse, to the sweltering Castinellan coast, societies mobilize to combat invading armies and mystical forces that threaten civilization itself.

The Etharis Pantheon
Etharis is a Godless and unforgiving world

In ancient times, the many Gods of Etharis guided their people to prosperity and enlightenment. That all changed during the Aetheric War, where the Gods took up arms against a host of cosmic horrors called the Aether Kindred.