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    Hello everyone, me again.
    I now have a tale of the Looming wire, inspired by The Wire of Shadow. The people in the village of Makarev tell this tale to their children when they complain, cry or shout in the village.

    The Tale of the Looming Wire
    There once was a man who sang to lighten the day, singing to those that would listen and those that would stay. Everyone who traveled this road could hear his song, brightening their day as they walked along.

    One night, this man sang his song a little too brightly, there was one who always listens and was awoken ever so slightly. It was the one that they call the Wire, and with his awakening the situation became dire. At the peak of his song he couldn’t be lighter. With each note his shadow grew darker as his song became brighter. His song was too loud as it drowned out the quiet footsteps until it was too late.The strum of his instrument decided his final fate. With a single wire of shadow he had become the prey, suddenly feeling his life fade away.

    Now for anyone who walks the road to Malkovia, keep quiet, don’t let your horse neigh to loudly and don’t sing a song to ease your ire. As before you know it, you are caught by the Wire

    Creator Notes
    I wrote this short story since I saw that a short story might be animated, as such I thought to actually write a short story, since I havent done so yet here. If you have any feedback, like always leave that in the comments down below. On a different note, I am thinking of possibly creating a childrens song based on this tale. I will post that in the cmoments so make sure to keep an eye out

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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