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    Hi all,
    I am just on my first semi-thorough readthrough and so far I really like what I am reading. Nevertheless I am starting to notice a few places where I think there are some typos and similar mistakes, which might be worth collecting. I hope this is a good place & way to give this feedback 🙂

    p. 219: Copy-paste error from Full moon extract in aether blood?
    AetHer Blood
    Potion, rare
    The most extravagant rumours claim the blood
    of a unicorn is required to make this purple
    substance, available in liquid form only.

    An addicted creature must consume Aether
    Blood once every 24 hours or have disadvantage
    on Constitution ability checks and saving throws.
    The addiction lasts until the creature is targeted
    with a greater restoration spell, or after 30 days of
    not consuming Full Moon Extract.

    p. 234 Spelling
    Vieri’s lvl 6 spell name is missing an “m”
    “6th level (1 slot): programed illusion”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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