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    Was curious as to when we could expect the physical copies to ship. I remember the dev update video at the beginning of the month stated that they were almost ready to ship, though given all that’s happened in the last month I didn’t know if the ship date got pushed back. I’ve been hoping on the website to check for updates, but haven’t seen any, though I may just be blind. Overall I’m just curious as to when we can expect to start seeing the book shipped out.

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    Hey Austin,

    I’ll post the same answer given to a similar Kickstarter comment (an official update is coming, but we want to ensure we have confirmation – rather than going off of the information we’ve been passed on).

    There have been shipping delays between products leaving our manufacturers and arriving at our fulfilment centre – these were caused by customs clearance times being increased due to the current COVID situation.

    We can confirm that the products are currently at our fulfilment, are in the process of being packed and individually sent out. We have tracking numbers already generated for some orders and they will be getting sent out ASAP.

    We will be posting an update regarding all of this as soon as we have confirmation of the first packages leaving the centre, as well as posting another update once the last ones leave.

    We know these delays are far from ideal (and have been causing frustration, for both our community and ourselves), but we are doing everything possible to speed this process along.

    You’ve been incredibly patient and we really do thank you for that, your products will be heading out very soon!

    I hope this helps answer your question!

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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