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    I’m loving the Etharis campaign settings, but I wish it gave more guidance for local monsters in different parts of the continent, and guides for random encounters. Otherwise, I guess I’ll have to scour the MM to find setting (and level!) appropriate monsters to haunt my players, which is fine, but can be quite tedious. The book makes it quite clear that the land of Etharis is packed full of monsters, but what are they?

    DMs, what monsters do you run?

    Additionally, for the devs, are there any plans for Epic monster stat blocks, such as the antlered abomination that stalks the Bürach Empire or Grand Duke Drago’s Chiropteran Behemoth? It would be majorly cool to eventually have my players face off against the many larger monsters that plague the continent.

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    I do second this.
    The book comes with so many stories of whats happening, and actually mentions a few monsters..
    yet in the monster department, we get exclusively the curse-creatures.. who are really cool, just not enough to run with.
    I solve this by having monsters prepared for each session, which could be encountered, or maybe just hinted at. I choose monsters by using MM- or the ToF monsters, and giving them buffs, quirks, and sometimes personality, to fit the scene.
    I also have a growing collection of homebrew material which i scour from DMsGuild and other places, which I use.
    I dont really do random encounters, just what i call choice-encounters. If the party rushes something, is not careful to cover tracks, chooses to go through a forest rather than around.. if it fits the session, they get an encounter.
    what i find really difficult, is to make the world feel grim and dark and mysterious, when at the same time, I want the characters to form a team, overcome their challenge and rise to oppose the bigger threats in Etharis.
    this forces me to make encounters that somehow still affect the characters even after they defeat the baddies, which is not something that low-level encounters do, and even higher level ones struggle with.

    This book is amazing. but it just leaves so much work to do^^ (i know they did that on purpose, to give us more freedom. still i wish they had just included a few encounters with the mist spirits, or a dead/living forest, a corrupted seraph maybe.. or even any of the elemental/ primordial forces. or included a scenario with the icefire. idk just rambling xD

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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