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    So, as my campaign unfolds, I gradually try to make sense of the timeframe in which events described in the campaign setting take place in etharis.

    like, lets start with the great purge, which in the book sounds like the humans come from the forests of Bürach. the tribes conquer each other, they get bigger, more organized, and start spreading.
    but they cant have just stopped at the Bürach borders, they must have gotten large parts of charneault, Castinella, grarjord, and possibly the only place where humans were not too prevalent would be ostoya.
    But this is me already assuming from what i got to work with.
    then it says, the humans fight among themselves, and split up, yet nothing like this is ever mentioned with any of the places histories.. only Bürach itself has a civil war, which is tied to godsend, and in my mind takes place much later.

    another thing: if the legend of Kentingern and his heroes happened as described, which I assume.. it would have happened during/ towards the end of the era of expansion. or was this earlier? I consider the resulting tribes a mostly humanities doing.. but then again, but then i’d ask where did orcs live before humans met them? probably in this north area, where mostly the last halforcs live. but then this area is supposed to have been uninhabitable before this?
    (i kind of also like to attribute the ruins below Nov Ostoya to the orcs.. )

    is there any kind of timeline one could use?
    Or is this just a collection of events where i can pick and choose which I like, then have to put them into some form of passable timeline myself xD (which is what I do at the moment)

    I just kinda feel like there should be some form of official timeline. at least for some major events?

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