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explore the dungeons of Drakkenheim

For years, listeners tuned in to The Dungeon Dudes’ “Dungeons of Drakkenheim”, and many more clamored for a book set within its ruined walls. Well, we can finally talk about this upcoming project, and we’re ecstatic to bring a new adventure to Fifth Edition!

Set in the city of Drakkenheim, bathed in the eldritch fire of a fallen star, your adventuring group has come to the city in search of wealth, glory, and to forge their own personal legacies. But the city itself has been changed by this fallen comet, as foul beasts and eldritch abominations now skulk in the shadows, and a foul haze has fallen over the city.

The Kickstarter for it will be going live in June, 2021 and we hope to have some familiar faces join and support us on this amazing adventure. Subscribe below for updates.