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Welcome to The Dungeons of Drakkenheim

Dungeons of Drakkenheim: Ride The Rifts Art

A 5e adventure where malevolent monsters and rival factions clash in a dark city devastated by a mysterious meteor shower!

Forged with Ghostfire by
The Dungeon Dudes
13,376 backers pledged $1,279,240 to help bring this project to life on Kickstarter.

The destiny of the dark city is yours to decide, if you survive the Dungeons of Drakkenheim.


A Fifth Edition campaign for characters level 1 to 13 designed by the DUNGEON DUDES, Monty Martin & Kelly McLaughlin, based on the original live-stream game broadcast on YouTube and Twitch!

Fifteen years ago, Drakkenheim was destroyed by an eldritch storm of falling stars. Now the city is a dismal urban wasteland contaminated by otherworldly magic and haunted by hideous monsters. Explore over 20 ruined urban locations, inspired by dark fantasy and cosmic horror! Personal quests, tantalizing rumors and lightweight urban exploration mechanics allow player characters to experience the ruins in a nonlinear and open-ended fashion.

Danger lurks around every corner…

The Executioner

“…and that’s why we don’t go to Slaughterstone Square.”

— Liuetennant Petra Lang


Queen Lenore von Kessel was a woman in her late thirties; six feet tall with graceful limbs, hair dyed bright orange, and bleached white skin. Her face had chiseled and angular features, and with every gesture she struck a pose. She wore outrageously ornamented gowns and jewelry, including a famous golden necklace set with eleven emeralds.

The Crimson Countess

The Crimson Countess is a powerful harpy matriarch. Recognizable by her red feathered wings and deep crimson hair, she is clad is black and gold armour and carries with her a spear that crackles with electrical energies.

The Rat Prince

The Rat Prince stands head-and-shoulders over the others, and has black-brown fur and a wicked grin… some of his frontmost teeth are Delerium crystals. He wears scavenged bits of light armor, tattered dark blue rags, and a gold crown which is slightly too small for his head.

Lord of the Feast

Lord of the Feast; this horrific albino gnoll stands well over 12 feet tall, and is covered in a mass of yellowish-white mangy fur, bloodstained and scarred from countless battles and clad in a patchwork armour of leather, chain, and bladed plate, with trophies — mummified heads — hang from its belt.


Any and all updates, news, or surprises for Drakkenheim will be found here – stay tuned for more!