Welcome to Drakkenheim

Sebastian Crowe's Guide to Drakkenheim

Dungeons of Drakkenheim

Fifteen years ago, Drakkenheim was destroyed by an eldritch storm of falling stars. Now, the city is a dismal urban wasteland contaminated by otherworldly magic and haunted by hideous monsters. 

Fantastic wealth, lost knowledge, and powerful artefacts lie ready for the taking by adventurers brave or foolish enough to venture into the ruins!

What to expect in this adventure:

  • Designed for Characters level 1 to 13
  • Exploration as your characters embark on dangerous expeditions
  • Specific interactions from faction leaders and NPC’s specific to the campaign
  • Character encounters of fierce battles with predatory beasts, mutated monstrosities and terrifying abominations produced by the mysterious meteor shower

Sebastian Crowe’s Guide to Drakkenheim

A players guide and sourcebook that takes you through the world of Drakkenheim!

Sebastian Crowe’s Guide to Drakkenheim introduces the all-new Apothecary class, an intelligence-based spellcaster whose esoteric powers combine medical science and occult magic! This book is also filled with dozens of new spells harnessing deadly poison, burning acid, and withering necrotic forces and contaminated versions of your favourite spells in Fifth Edition empowered by corrupting eldritch energy!

New subclasses for every class in Fifth Edition, including:

  • The witch-sworn Oath of Hexes Paladin
  • The Shadow Domain Cleric
  • The Flesh Pact Warlock
  • The Path of the Old Gods Barbarian
  • And so many more! 

Explore the dark fantasy World of Drakkenheim, a conflict-riddled world gripped by political conflict and haunted by otherworldly abominations.