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Forging our Future

These past few weeks have been tumultuous for the TTRPG industry, to say the least. We at Ghostfire Gaming owe our success to our fans and supporters throughout the years, and so we want to communicate our thoughts on recent events to the community. We’ve been...

Crafting Immersive Dungeons – A Place for Long Rests

Hey there, and welcome back to the fifth and final article on how to craft an immersive and mesmerizing experience for your tabletop gaming sessions. So far we have created some pretty exciting, modular, and extremely useful crafts that can be used not just for...

The Wild Hunt – 5e Christmas Adventures

With winter in the air, there are plenty of mythologies around the world from which to draw adventure ideas. Among them, the Wild Hunt is featured in the folklore of various northern European cultures. The hunters are generally the souls of the dead represented by...

Crafting Immersive Dungeons – Boss Monster Lair

Hey there, and welcome back to the fourth article in our dungeon dive series on how to craft the ultimate set of dungeon terrain ending of course with a final tavern build… if you’re players make it out alive! If you read the previous three articles then you have...