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#09. Dungeon Dudes Delving into Drakkenheim
Dec 1, 2021

#09. Dungeon Dudes Delving into Drakkenheim

The Dungeon Dudes‘ drop by to take us on a tour of their dark fantasy adventure module, the Dungeons of Drakkenheim! Monty contaminates the world of Drakkenheim with new spells and magic items, Kelly has regrets about the monsters he’s created, Ben mutates into Colbert momentarily, and Dael wants us to follow the rabbit of happiness!


00:00 – Intro

01:17 – What fictitious world would you escape into?

04:47Dungeons of Drakkenheim

13:53 – Contamination and Mutation mechanics

26:14 – Factions of Drakkenheim

37:29 – How to start World Building


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