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#07. Aaah!! Designing Real Monsters
Nov 17, 2021

#07. Aaah!! Designing Real Monsters

Shawn and James break down their approaches to designing monsters for 5th Edition D&D, Dael explains building in a “Death Star Exhaust Port” to her monsters, and Ben laments the death of his mighty monstrosities. We also discuss the merits of running “An Evil Campaign” *cue lightning* and how each of us would approach such a dastardly game.


00:00 – Intro

02:50 – 5e Monster Design

18:10 – Monster’s with “Death Star Exhaust Ports”

25:48 – Monsters Inspired by real world critters

29:43 – Monster Hunts and Investigations

37:19 – Running an Evil Campaign

53:30 – D&D Inspiration from Video Games


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