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#12. A Very Grim Hollow Christmas: Part 1
Dec 23, 2021

#12. A Very Grim Hollow Christmas: Part 1

On this very special episode of The Eldritch Lorecast, we’re taking some time off from game design to play FATE: Accelerated, from Evil Hat Productions. ‘Tis all winter solstice and silent in the city of Landhaus… until our heroes incite a riot and start breaking into homes in search of a mysterious gift giving monster!

The Tale:

00:00 – Intro

01:57 – FATE: Accelerated rules

04:05 – Our story begins…

06:20 – Character introductions

12:49 – The angry villagers

33:03 – Following a lead

50:12 – Breaking and entering

58:37 – Finally inside the house


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