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#11. All I Want For Christmas is a Cthulhoid Effigy
Dec 16, 2021

#11. All I Want For Christmas is a Cthulhoid Effigy

This week’s Lorecast asks the big questions about whether you NEED to expand your TTRPG repertoire or 5th Edition D&D can cover every genre? James gets excited about Fables: Citadel of the Unseen Sun and Dael introduces us to The Gentleman.

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00:00 – intro

00:12 – Favorite Christmas gifts

07:00 – Fables Chapter 1

08:19 – Designing traps that engage players

16:31 – James’ final words on Fables

18:56 – D&D 5e and genres of Fantasy

38:56 – How would you hack 5e to fit another genre?

49:44 – Christmas live-play teaser


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