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Playtest V3.0 & General Update
Jan 14, 2020

Hello all, are you ready for the Playtest V3.0 Release?!

Welcome to 2020! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday period and have started the new year with friends, family or those you love. We have had a nice little break and are ready to hit 2020 with a bang! We know you’re all aching to get to Playtest V3.0, but before we get into this edition of the playtest, I want to start by mentioning the fires that are burning in our home country.

If you are unaware, a large area in Australia has caught fire and burned due to some of the worst bushfires we have seen. Nobody from Ghostfire Gaming has been directly impacted by these fires, we are all safe. Thank you to everyone who has messaged us to check in and see how we are doing; you are all wonderful kind people. We send our hearts and donations out to those who have lost loved ones, property, and to the good people fighting the fires. The Australian firefighters, and firefighters that have flown in from overseas (particularly Canada and the United States), you are true modern-day heroes.

As for the playtest, we finally have 3.0 out the door! This edition showcases the new background system, Advanced Backgrounds. It’s a new concept we have been playing with for some time and feel we are close to cracking it. That being said, we feel it is particularly important to get feedback on this one, so if you could take the time to complete the feedback form, we would be so very grateful!

The size of this one was originally huge! We have cut it down a bit by excluding the Outlander and the Seafarer from this version. We will absolutely be including them in the book.

You can find Playtest v3.0 HERE
You can find the feedback form HERE

As for our progress, we are really getting close to launching playtest v2.1. We have spent a bit more time than we originally planned on this one, as we have made some pretty radical changes to the transformations. We are really excited to see how those changes are received. Beyond that, the book has come together nicely and we are close to completion. So far it looks like we will be complete early February, which gives us plenty of time before our scheduled print run in March. However, if this changes, we’ll keep you all posted as a priority.

If you haven’t yet, come and check out our Discord Server HERE. It’s a great place to discuss anything Grim Hollow or D&D related. Our moderator Toasty does a fantastic job and is always up for a chat. In addition, we’ll be planning time in advance for our lead designer Jordon to jump in and do a Q&A (yes, we are letting him out of his writing dungeon, for now…).

Thanks again to all your guy’s support, and all the positivity you contribute to our community! We hope you enjoy this playtest and we’ll talk soon.

The Ghostfire Team



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