Playtest V2.0
Oct 31, 2019

With October flying by, 2019 is nearly done! But before our overtly cheery friends can start putting up Christmas decorations, it’s time to celebrate Halloween. So grab your spooky costumes, setup your horror-themed tables and print some character sheets, because Playtest V2.0 – Transformations have arrived!

It is with great satisfaction we can bring to you Playtest v2.0! This playtest contains Transformations, the single most requested feature from our Kickstarter, so I am sure you are all more than eager to jump in! Just as last time, we will be gathering feedback as we have found it instrumental. So, thanks again to all you wonderful souls who have taken the time to help us refine our content. Now on to the playtest!

Playtest v2.0

This playtest has a lot more crunch than the last. With that in mind, the focus here will be on balance and ease of play. We aim to release content about 10% more powerful than the content you will find in The Players Handbook. This is to accommodate for power creep, and also acknowledges that hitting perfect balance is impossible, so we would prefer to land on the slightly overpowered side of the spectrum. Just as per last time, we are happy to receive feedback whenever, but we would prefer you to test the content in a game first. We love to theory craft as much as anyone, but it isn’t an effective method of evaluation. An exception to this is spelling, grammar, and formatting issues. We appreciate getting them pointed out early.

For those who were waiting for the Lich mechanics, we apologize, but we have omitted it from this version. We felt it needed some more love before we unleashed it on the world. It will be in v2.1.

All you wonderful people can find the playtest HERE
You will also find the feedback form HERE

As for the future, we anticipate Playtest 1.1 (the improved version of the first) to drop pretty soon. The focus this month was on Transformations, so it has been put on the back burner until now. The plan is to release it by mid-November including curses. As for Playtest v3.0 (The background system), we are shooting for mid-December. It’s a big one, so we want to make sure we have enough time.

If you would like to discuss the playtest with us, or other passionate Grim Hollow fans, head over to our discord channel! We have a great community fostering there and we are really excited to see it grow. So until next time, hopefully, we’ll see you in discord.


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