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Playtest V1.0
Sep 27, 2019

Grim Hollows first playtest; Playtest V1.0 is here! It has finally arrived!

You can access Grim Hollow’s Playtest v1.0 here with this: LINK.

Playtest v1.0 is here and ready for all. The purpose of this playtest is to assess the quality of our content following three criteria; balance, ease of play, and theatricals. Let’s discuss each so we can be sure we are all assessing the same way.


This criterion is straight forward. Does the mechanic feel broken or underwhelming? While an overpowered feature may seem enjoyable to some, this is sure to upset other players, GM’s and the player themself, once they can no longer be challenged as easily. Likewise, an underpowered feature is likely to be avoided by players as they feel they are going to suffer compared to other players if they choose it.

Ease of play

Some mechanics in TTRPG’s tick all the right boxes, they are just a pain to play. Mechanics should be streamlined and easy to implement, but still offer a new layer of depth to the game. Overly complex game mechanics slow the game down and are generally no fun for everyone at the table.


We feel features should either enable new character concepts or strengthen existing ones. Therefore, each feature should provide gameplay mechanics that also help bring your character to life. Generic and non-thematic features are not a risk to the health of the game, but they represent a disappointing opportunity to lose.

Once you feel you have played with a part of the playtest enough to assess it, you may use the following LINK to provide feedback.

The only thing we ask from our backers in regards to feedback is to please playtest the content thoroughly before commenting and to keep it constructive.

We know that some people will share this document regardless of what sharing policy we set. Therefore, we have made our peace with this and give everyone permission to download, share and recreate this document freely, for non-commercial use.

We ran out of time to get curses into this playtest due to our attention needing to be focussed on shipping and prices. We are hoping to sneak it on with this playtests update (V1.1), but we also really want to get the Transformations playtest out to you guys before Halloween, so we may have to shelve it for a month.

Until next time, we hope you enjoy this content and happy gaming!

Ghostfire Gaming


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