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Grim Hollow: The Players Guide Fulfilment Update!
Aug 27, 2021

We have some exciting news… Grim Hollow: The Players Guide products are getting closer!

Our fulfilment process is in full swing, and we are moving closer and closer to these items being at our customers front door. From here on out we will post a fortnightly update to keep everyone in the loop as to where in the world the items are; we would appreciate any patience throughout this process given there is a lot going on in the world right now and we are doing our best to get you our customer’s products to homes within the best time frame.

First thing’s first we need to say that depending where in the world you are, will dictate the fulfilment schedule. Different regions have different requirements and timelines in the fulfilment process. Therefore, we’ll always break this information down into five groups – United States (US), Canada (CA), Europe (EU), Australia (AU) and the “Rest of World” (ROW).

Deliveries will begin from early September – and right now we’re confident that ~85% of orders will arrive over the next month. The main factors contributing to any delays are: 

  • Logistics issues that surround us being able to secure a vessel booking
  • Unknown time frames surrounding customs clearance; this will differ from country to country

So! Where are your Grim Hollow: The Players Guide items? Read below to find out!

Artist: Jokubus Uogintas

US – Ocean Fulfilment

Orders are packaged, and on the water heading to your shores! Estimated date of arrival to the country is early September. From here, it will take time for your items to leave the port as they need to be processed, move through customs and head to our ‘final mile’ warehouse location. Once arriving at the final warehouse, we’ll be able to generate your tracking codes and you’ll receive your items anywhere from 1 – 7 business days after receiving this tracking information.

One small thing to note is that a portion of backers will be receiving their Miniature Sets in a second package due to an error in our ordering quantity. If you are notified of two separate packages this is why. 

CA – Ocean Fulfilment

Orders are packaged, and waiting for our vessel booking to finally go ahead. To back it up a little, we pre-booked our Canada-bound vessel ~6 weeks ago for departure on August 6th. That date had to be pushed back to August 15th due to forces outside of our control. Then this new date had to be pushed back again. We are working hard to secure our booking.

The only justification we receive from our freight-forwarder is “due to operation constraints we have had to make the following changes”. Trust us, we are just as frustrated with this but considering the global climate right now (and major retailers increasing shipping demands for Christmas sales) it’s certainly to be expected.

We are informed that there is less competition for this booking in comparison to others, so we are confident that a date will eventuate. Provided we had a successful Aug 6th – or even 15th – departure, we were confident in meeting our September delivery for Canadian backers, however it is looking like this could be pushed back a number of weeks due to circumstances outside of our control. Please know that we’re doing absolutely all we can to make sure a vessel booking is arranged as soon as possible; this remains to be our highest priority (along with the EU booking). 

EU – Ocean Fulfilment

The status of our CA orders is much the same for our EU friends. Orders are packaged, and waiting for our vessel booking to finally go ahead. This has been quite the tedious process, with availability severely impacted across the board – however with the EU, we are still yet to secure an initial booking date. With recent tax law changes and booking complications, we can’t be confident in a departure date at this time and we want to extend our sincere apologies to all EU backers. Please know that we’re doing all we can to make sure this is arranged as soon as possible, and remains to be our highest priority (along with the CA booking). 

AU – Air Fulfilment

The news for our fellow Aussies down under is optimistic! There have been some complications in our logistics strategy, and therefore we need to fulfil Australian orders via Air. Orders are packed, and set to leave our fulfilment warehouse before the end of the week, which means you are guaranteed to receive your products inside the month of September! We’ll release tracking codes to you mid-next week, so be sure to keep an eye out for any messages and emails from Australia Post.

ROW – Air Fulfilment

Due to the various countries you all backed us from (which is over 100!) we’ve grouped you all together. Shipping via ocean to your location is logistically a nightmare, and illogical – which is why you all will be among the first in the world to receive your Grim Hollow: The Players Guide products. We’ll release tracking code to you mid next-week. Your packages are packed and scheduled to be sent your way before the end of the week!

In summary, we are dedicated to getting your products to you as quick, and securely as possible. The fulfilment landscape is still experiencing many of the consequences of COVID. Therefore, we ask for your understanding, and patience as we move forward with delivering your Pledges. We’re excited to be moving into the fulfilment stage for Grim Hollow: The Players Guide, and to start seeing you all receive your long-awaited products!

If you have any questions or concerns, get into contact with us by emailing [email protected] and we’ll be sure to respond to you as soon as possible.

The Ghostfire Gaming Team


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