Grim Hollow: Shipping & Tracking FAQ
Aug 11, 2020

Our most up-to-date shipping and tracking resource.

Our most (currently) asked questions are in regards to tracking information, or shipping information.

The purpose of this post is to provide a resource to help keep everyone in our community up to date, with the latest information that we have.

General Information

  • Most customer packages are en-route.
  • All of our Kickstarter backers items are on their way (with some having already been delivered).
  • The vast majority of our pre-orders are also en-route, and any that remain will be getting sent out ASAP.
  • We are in the process of integrating a tracking feature into our store.

Packages and Tracking Information

US Customers

  • Our US Packages are now within the country, and we expect to be receiving (and sending out) tracking numbers for all of these orders within the next nine days.
  • Due to the delays experienced, there is a (small) chance you may receive your package before you receive your tracking number. Still, we will be working our hardest to prevent this from happening, and aim to have your tracking information sent to you before the arrival of your package.

Australian Customers

  • Our Australian Packages are en-route, and we know they have been in the process of shipping for a while now. At this stage, as the packages are with the courier – they will have the most up to date information. We do expect this to begin arriving soon, but we cannot put an exact date on when.

Rest of the World

  • If you backed Grim Hollow during our Kickstarter. You should already have your products, or you should at least have your tracking information. If you do not, please make sure to get into contact with us!
    (VIA: Facebook, Email, or Discord).
  • If you have pre-ordered our products via our Store. Your products are likely on their way, or you will be receiving tracking information very soon (if you haven’t already).

New Orders and Shipping

On-Demand Delivery

  • We have now moved from fulfilling the original orders into a more On-Demand delivery style.
  • With more books manufactured and ready to go, the time between order and shipping will significantly reduce. This will be applicable to all new orders moving forward (this is not applicable to pre-order items).

New Items & Pre-order Shipping

We would also like to clarify a point around new orders and shipping.

  • As some of you may have already seen, we have recently added new items to our store (GM Screen, Fabric Map, and the Banners).
    These items are currently pre-orders, and as such will not begin shipping until the end of August.
  • If you add these items to your order, your order will not begin shipping until all of the products are ready.We appreciate the support if you wish to purchase them, but please note that it will delay the shipping of your Hardcover Book (if you also ordered a copy).

Current Shipping Prices

The last point we will touch on is in regards to shipping prices.

  • They are expensive at the moment, we whole-heartedly agree.
  • We are currently working on securing lower rates, as well as working on securing faster delivery options.
  • Currently, this is an on-going process, but we are working on getting these arranged as soon as we possibly can.

We have recently secured some cheaper rates for certain countries, but we are still working on getting them as low as we can; for all countries.

We will continue to update this as we hear more, and once this process has been established; we will leave this up as a reference for any future shipping questions.

Until next time,

The Ghostfire Gaming Team

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  1. Alex

    Hi! I’ve been trying to reach you guys regarding my order and it’s been over a week, and I haven’t gotten a response. For US buyers who have only gotten order confirmation numbers and ordered back in May, when would we expect to get tracking numbers/orders. I’d appreciate you guys getting back to me, thanks.

    • darkkon1979

      Am I waiting for the players guide to be made before my stuff is sent?

      • Ghostfire Tyler

        Hey Alex,

        If your order contained pre-order items (like physical Player’s Guide Items), then your order won’t be sent
        until they are manufactured and ready to send out.

        • Harry Macleod

          Hi I bought a pdf for grim hollow and dribbles codex but it has yet to be sent to me. I’ve emailed but it’s been a few days and no response

          • Ghostfire Tyler

            Hey Harry,

            Usually, these are sent instantly via email after they have been purchased (please make sure you check all email folders, as they sometimes end up in strange places)!
            Due to the Easter Holiday’s we’ve had recently, our support team was away – they are back today and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from them soon.

          • Robert-Michael Griffin

            Hey I ordered a physical copy of the campaign guide and player handbook (also backed the grimoire) and wanted to know as far as the campaign guide goes do I have to wait till the players guide is ready as well before my order is fully processed

  2. Oniminikui

    Just curious: how long does processing take?

    • Ghostfire Tyler

      Processing of orders usually only takes a day or two, but if your order contained pre-order products
      then your order will not be sent until those products are ready.

    • Daniel Henderson

      Hello, I am wondering when my item will be shipped. I understand the wait time because of what was ordered. But I am moving and I want to make sure I know when to update my shipping address.

      Thank you!

  3. Oniminikui

    Makes sense. I ordered The Campaign Guide and The Player’s Guide [books].

  4. Casey Enns

    Hello! I preordered the Grim Hollow Essentials Kit which is expected to ship in September of this year. I will be moving before that ships and the address I originally put down will no longer be accurate. What is the best way for me to help ensure this goes to the right place?

    • Ghostfire Tyler

      Hey Casey!

      If you send an email through to [email protected] with your order details and new address, we’ll get it changed as soon as we can!


    How long do we have to wait for new books to send out for stuff? I ordered one then it was said it was back ordered but no real “tell” on timeframe that that may mean

  6. Daki


    What is your shipping courier? USPS, DHL, FEDEX, UPS?


  7. Zanatesh

    Hey I was just wondering what the average wait time is for back ordered items is because I purchased Monster Grimoire yesterday and it’s says it’s “processing”

    • Ghostfire Tyler

      Hey there,

      The average wait time for these products, depends entirely on the product and its estimated fulfilment date (as these are pre-order items).
      The Monster Grimoire is scheduled to begin fulfillment in May 2022 (with the PDF likely arriving earlier than this).

      When an order is “Processing”, it means we have received it, it’s been paid for – and it is now just waiting for the items required before being dispatched :).

      Hope this helps out,

      – Tyler


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