Developer Update #5
Jun 1, 2020

Hey everyone, we’re bringing you the latest updates with another Grim Hollow: Developer update!

In this week’s developer update, we’ll be covering the latest manufacturing, fulfilment and shipping news, showcase the hardcover book and briefly cover a couple of other topics.

As we know not all of you like watching videos (or would just rather read a summary), you can find a summary of all topics and major update points below!

Grim Hollow: Developer Update #5 Video Summary

Manufacturing, Fulfilment and Shipping Updates

Manufacturing is complete. We ran into a few manufacturing issues but got through them. We are loading the books into the pallets. Once done, they are off to the fulfilment centre.

Once they hit the fulfilment centre, it will take a few days to pack them individually, then we will send them out to you! We will let everyone know once the last package has left the fulfilment centre.

At this point you will receive your tracking number via email and will be able to follow you shipping individually.

As far as shipping times, they can vary wildly between individuals and the country you are in. We have been informed that due to COVID procedures, some countries have increased waiting times for incoming freight.

This is very much out of our hands, and while we don’t like it, we accept it as we don’t want to be apart of the problem the world is currently facing.

(For me individually (in Australia), this could be a month or 3 days. It depends on how customs choose to process my order.)

Soldier of Fortune Backers

We understand that things have blown out a lot longer than we initially promised. We want to make it up to those who backed us and haven’t received a product yet.

We are going to let backers of the Soldier of Fortune tier upgrade to the Witch Hunter Veteran tier for the KS price. We know you guys have been waiting a long time, so we want to offer this as an option.

We’ll be reaching out to all out Soldier of Fortune backers about how they can do this.

Let us know what you think about this, these are new waters that we are currently navigating, and we rely on your feedback to know how the community feels about these sort of things.


We understand that things have the potential to be complicated over the next few weeks as couriers deliver packages. We know most of you will be understanding of this, considering it is a worldwide catastrophe that has impacted everyone. We are nearly there, and we are looking forward to hearing from you all when you get your copies!


You can get in touch with us via our Discord (both chat and private messages; our community can be incredibly helpful and we have some amazing moderators!), Our Facebook page, or by creating a post in our Developer Questions forum section.


Until next time,

The Ghostfire Gaming Team

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  1. Ripsawn

    Is there any further news regarding the timeline and map scaling? I know this comment is being made a year and a half after this article was posted, but I don’t remember hearing anything else in the interim.


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