Farewell to Fables
May 15, 2023
Since January 2021, we have proudly released episodic adventures through our Fables subscription line, which has been seen through the releases of Citadel of the Unseen Sun, Pirates of the Aetherial Expanse, and Agents of the Empire. Our teams worked hard to deliver these three diverse and wondrously contrasting worlds, and we’re thrilled at what we’ve achieved throughout this time. We have, however, come to the decision, which in no way was made lightly, to discontinue our Fables subscription indefinitely.

Despite this cancellation, we want to confirm that Episode 6 of Fables: Agents of the Empire will be released to subscribers as planned on June 1, 2023.

We want to be open and transparent with our community about why we’ve come to this decision, and encourage you to read on if you want to know more.

A Large Commitment.

For those of you who were Fables subscribers, you know that we delivered a whole heap of content every month. This included:

  • A PDF adventure, with page counts ranging from 65-125 pages
  • Digital Maps
  • Digital Tokens

While this is an awesome offering, its creation is not a small task. These sprawling adventures require a dedicated team of talented creators to bring them to life. However, we’re still a relatively small team, and Fables’ monthly publication cycle was limiting our ability to tackle several exciting projects in the works. In the future, we may be better positioned to craft an adventure subscription, but for now, we are focusing our efforts elsewhere.

Ongoing demands for VTT.

One of the big things we are hearing from our community right now is the ongoing want for VTT. We’ve wanted to explore this for the last 18 months, but with the commitments to our current projects, this wasn’t possible. Fables was great for us to gauge what we as a team can do in the digital space, and we’re going to take these learnings and move them toward content that integrates more of a focus toward VTT.

We’re turning our focus elsewhere, but the worlds we’ve built will live on.

We have big plans for the future of Ghostfire, and this is where we want to put our team, our time, and our attention. For now, we are retiring Fables through the subscription format, and the settings we’ve built will continue to live on, just in a different way – as we continue to create, develop, and be inspired by them. After June 30, 2023, we will make our Fables content available for purchase on the Ghostfire Gaming store so that people within our community and beyond can continue to engage with, and adventure within the worlds we’ve built.

We hope that our subscribers have loved engaging with Citadel of the Unseen Sun, Pirates of the Aetherial Expanse, and Agents of the Empire, and we are so grateful for the support you have shown us throughout this time. We can’t wait to show you what else is in store for Ghostfire Gaming for the remainder of 2023 and into the future, and are thrilled to have you on this journey with us.

The Fables subscription will be closing on June 30, 2023


  1. Deathven

    Sad to see it go but understandable that it was a massive commitment. I hope the plans going forward are just as exciting as the fables were!

  2. Gavin Runeblade

    Will miss these they filled a unique niche in the 5e market, but I totally understand the situation.

    On the VTT situation, at least with Fantasy Grounds (my choice) it is easier for me to adapt just enough to run it effortlessly then for you to adapt the whole thing. For myself, I only need to adapt the creatures, items and art. I can read from the PDF so I don’t have to put all the text into the VTT for myself, but I know you need to for most people who use VTTs to be happy.

    I’ll be looking forward to what you come up with next. Thanks for the fun stories!

  3. Henry Corkins

    Its been a great run! I was already impressed with the amount of content we were getting so it’s perfectly understandable if its too much. Looking forward to more Grim Hollow content in the future hopefully!

  4. Matthias Oberleitner

    Really sad to see it go before we get a second grim hollow fable 🙁

  5. Justin Payne-Brissette

    Yeah I can understand the time commitment with Fables and the Ghostfire podcast. Try not to stretch yourselves out too thin. You guys are a small team and there are a lot of great products you all have. But are there plans to do a set like Citadels of the Unseen Sun but for Pirates of the Aetherial Expanse, and Agents of the Empire in the near future?

  6. Aidan

    Will the currently existing fables still be available for pdf purchase even after the discontinuation of more Fables?

  7. Shane Edgington

    I’m concerned as to whether or not the Fables which were already given to me under my subscription will still be in my library, honestly. I notice there doesn’t seem to be any clear statement either way about that, and I did pay for them under the terms the Fables subscription offered.

    • Nick Ingamells

      Hey Shane,

      Just confirming that all previously purchased episodes will remain in your library, so nothing to worry about on that front!

      -Ghostfire Nick


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