Developers Update #1
Sep 26, 2019

Hi all, welcome to Grim Hollow’s first Developer Update!

We hope the past few weeks have been kind to everyone. We just thought we’d give everyone an update regarding our products and keep you all in the loop. A few of you are wondering about the playtest too, so we’ll touch on that. Thanks to those of you who have voiced your concerns and thoughts. We are lucky to have such involved backers.


We have finally received Kickstarter funding! Yes, it has taken a while, but we are now able to pay our contractors with these funds. I am sure you can all understand how important this is to development. There are still a few backers who have failed payments for various reasons. If you are one of these backers, don’t stress our pledge manager (BackerKit) will reach out to you and organize an alternate payment process.


There have been some crazy events regarding international shipping in the world since we started our Kickstarter. Especially for individuals and businesses importing to the United States. As a result, we have been focussing most of our time negotiating with stakeholders to come to an agreement that keeps shipping costs low for our backers. We are almost across the line and are really happy with how it is looking. All backers will be receiving their surveys by the pledge manager within the next couple of days (a week at tops). These surveys will determine and facilitate the payment of postage, handling, and tax, in one combined shipping cost.


Playtest v1.0 is almost complete! It will drop within the next day or two, but we still have a touch more formatting to complete before then. It is titled “Advanced Weapons, Feats and Spells” and contains the aforementioned mechanics. We will also include a link for a feedback survey, which we will be incredibly grateful to everyone who completes it.

We understand many of our backers may be curious about future playtest content so here is a schedule:

  • Playtest v 1.0 “Advanced Weapons, Feats and Spells” ETA late September
  • Playtest v 2.0 “Transformations” ETA late October
  • Playtest v 3.0  “Backgrounds Revised” ETA late November


We will also be updating playtest versions as we progress. Our plan is to release v 1.1 around mid-October based on the community’s feedback.

Thanks again to everyone who has been engaging with us recently and we hope to hear from you soon.

Ghostfire Gaming


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