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Developer Update #4
Apr 28, 2020

Hey everyone, we’re back again with another Grim Hollow: Developer update!

In this week’s developer update, we’ll be covering quite a few topics that we know you’re all dying to know about.

As we know not all of you like watching videos (or would just rather read a summary), you can find a summary of all topics and major update points below!

Grim Hollow: Developer Update #4 Video Summary

PDF Release and error fixes.

The PDF is out! – It has been an incredibly busy couple of weeks, but the PDF is now live!

Resolving missing downloads

The website is new and in (what is essentially a) “beta”. For those of you who have purchased through our website, if you made an account you will be able to find your PDF download under “My Account”, found at the top of the page. Click into “Downloads” or “Orders” and you will be able to download your copy.
For those of you who have already purchased a copy prior, we had an error early on that made accounts non-mandatory; so in order to fix this you will need to contact us and I can manually link them together when (if you haven’t already) made an account!

Resolving missing emails

Shopify emails have all been sent out on our end, there seems to be some sort of bug where a few people haven’t received the emails, even though it has been registered as sent from our end. We’re still looking into what is causing this error, but in the meantime, if you have pre-ordered a PDF through our Shopify store and don’t have an email from us, make sure you let me know!

If you are a backer who didn’t get a PDF

If you backed us on Kickstarter and haven’t received an email with your copy, then it is likely that your Backerkit account hasn’t been set-up.
If you need help setting up BackerKit try this.

It should be the same email address you used for Kickstarter when you backed, everyone who backed on Kickstarter by default should have access to BackerKit.

Once that is done you can either log in with it or sign-up (if you haven’t already) to Backerkit 

When this is complete, you’ll find that the PDF will be made automatically available to your account. If it isn’t (but you have access to the Thank You Names) then that means you didn’t back us at a Tier that included the PDF; this isn’t an error!

Where to contact us

The best ways to get in touch with us (for fixing up errors, feedback or other questions) are through Discord (both chat and private messages; our community can be incredibly helpful and we have some amazing moderators!), Our Facebook page, or by creating a post in our Developer Questions forum section (if we can ask and answer questions in here, it will become an amazing resource for those who may have the same question in the future!)

We will also be adding a FAQ stickied forum post that will cover our most common issues and questions.


Manufacturing Updates

We have gone ahead with an American company for our manufacturing due to there amazing quality levels. We think that with all the hard work and effort that has been put into Grim Hollow, from both our writers and artists, that it would be a shame to produce something that doesn’t live up to the same high standards.

We showcase both our physical map (which we are producing on fabric to avoid it falling apart after being folded countless times and to prevent “perma-roll” after rolling it up), and our Banner!

The manufacturers we have gone with will be slower (and more expensive, but we will be covering this for everyone!) Because, in the end, we believe the level of quality that they put out is worth the wait.

The manufacturing will take between 3-4 weeks to complete.



Our Shipping will take place after manufacturing has been completed. We have upgraded everyone’s shipping to premium, to help relieve the delay that will be experienced during manufacturing, while it costs us more we see it as a necessity in order to reduce waiting times for physical products.

Shipping will take 3-10 days depending on where you live.

Shipping addresses have been locked in and forwarded along to our fulfillment team. This means it is unlikely we can change shipping addresses on our end now.

If you’ve realized that your shipping address is incorrect, or it changes moving forward, your best course of action will be to get in contact with your local courier and let them know that you wish to change the delivery address.


Community and Online Content

In the meantime, we plan on releasing a whole host of new content for you guys to devour!

YouTube Series

We will be starting a “featurette series” on YouTube that will cover a host of topics that can be found within Grim Hollow. For example, we will be doing a deep-dive into our different Transformations, our Advanced Backgrounds, and general themes that you can use in your Campaigns at home.

Twitch Streams

We will also be doing more streams on Twitch, doing our Q&A updates.
For those of you who haven’t participated in one yet, we basically answer any questions you guys might have (be they Grim Hollow related, or just casual questions like, “What’s it like living in a Australia where everything wants to kill you?”)

New Website

We have released our new Website and we think it’s a vast improvement over our last! We know there are currently a few minor bugs with it, but we will be ironing these out in no time (especially with the help of our community, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and report any bugs you find!)

Blog and Articles

As most of you would already know (or have already seen), we have added a blog and we are going to be adding a bunch of articles! Some of you may have already seen “The Dark Side of Dwarves”, this is a series we plan on adding more articles too until we eventually flesh out all the races within Etharis; we can’t wait to show you!

Creative Writing (Homebrew & Stories)

As some of you have already seen, we have also added a creative writing section to our Forums.
This is because, in the upcoming weeks, we actually plan on having animations made for our YouTube videos. We thought it would be really great to get our favorites from this page and turn them into the animated videos themselves!
If you would like to post your short stories, you can do that here, if you don’t want your short stories being animated and uploaded via our YouTube that is totally fine, just mention at the start of your post that you don’t want us to use it.



We’ll have books out to everyone within May.

Reach out to us if you are having any PDF issues – The nature of the most common issues we’ve been having means we can’t really see it from our side/end, so we won’t know unless you do reach out to us.

We’ll be releasing more content via YouTube and Twitch and we’re super excited to see how creative you guys can get and reading your short stories!


Until next time,

The Ghostfire Gaming Team




  1. V2Blast

    The Kickstarter update linking to this post seems to use a Facebook referrer URL for some reason, instead of the direct link to the post (even though it looks like a direct URL unless you hover over it). You may want to edit the update to point directly to the post.

    • Ghostfire Tyler

      Thanks for letting us know; I must have grabbed the wrong link URL when creating the post!

      Unfortunately, Kickstarter doesn’t allow us to edit Updates once 30 minutes have passed.

      But thank-you for finding this! This is the sort of feedback we like hearing, as it allows us to fix these issues moving forward.


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