Developer Update #3
Apr 15, 2020

We’ll be kicking off this Grim Hollow: Developer update with a brief word of thanks!

We’ve been super busy wrapping up the tail-end to what has been a humbling first Kickstarter Campaign.

In what feels like only yesterday, we were just three friends who believed that (maybe) we could create our own, personal, D&D Campaign guide.

You all agreed.

A whole lot more of you than we had ever imagined.

This is a massive thanks to all of you for helping bring Etharis to life!  We did manage to finally find a few spare minutes in order to get out a brief update video. It covers the final PDF, Release, Printing and Shipping info (along with all the BackerKit info that we need).

Hopefully, this helps answer the most commonly asked questions, if not (we know we didn’t have enough time to cover them all), feel free to ask us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!

For those of you who backed during our Kickstarter, an Alpha version of the PDF will be available on BackerKit within a couple of hours. This is to help us ensure there are no minor spelling or design errors within the final version, but we will be emailing out PDF’s to everyone within a week!

You can check out the update video above!

The Ghostfire Gaming Team



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