Developer Update #2
Mar 7, 2020

Hello everyone, it’s time for another Grim Hollow Video Update!

This week we are coming to you with another video update, this time covering the release schedule, the live Q&A as well as some other things. Check it out above!

As promised we have included a text summary below:

Live Q&A

The live Q&A will be this week! It is a great chance to ask Jordon and Tyler any questions regarding Grim Hollow, Ghostfire Gaming, or just general topics! It will be held at 8am on Sunday the 8th of March AEST. These are the following times for a few common time zones:

  •  PST – 2pm Saturday the 7th
  •  EST – 5pm Saturday the 7th
  •  CET – 11pm Saturday the 7th
You can find the link to Twitch stream HERE.
Schedule Delays

Due to the absence of our Lead Designer (Jordon), we have fallen a few weeks behind schedule. We have done our best to catch up on this delay, but have also been mindful not to put too much pressure on Jordon in what is a difficult time for him. So, rather than rush out the last of the production, we have chosen to delay printing by a month and ensure everything is of a good quality. The new print date is scheduled for mid April, with books expected to reach backers by late April-early May.


We are still taking feedback for Playtest v2.1. As this is the last section of the book we are currently editing, every bit of feedback we get helps us finish!

Thanks again guys! We are really excited to chat with you all at the Q&A!

The Ghostfire Team



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