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Alex Caton

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Running a Dark Fantasy Campaign – Party Cohesion

Villains are fun. Like, really fun. They’re fun to watch and read about, and you better believe they’re fun to play. There’s probably a thesis in that, but I’m in no way qualified to go there so let’s just stick with: this post enthusiastically accepts the premise...

Running a Dark Fantasy Campaigns – The Atmosphere Heist

In this, the second instalment of our “Running a Dark Fantasy TTRPG” blog series, we’ll explore how to capture and maintain what makes dark fantasy such an alluring genre to inhabit - atmosphere. If settling on dark fantasy as the genre for your 5e campaign is the...

Running a Dark Fantasy Campaign – Defining the “Dark”

Welcome to the first of five blog posts dedicated to running your tabletop roleplaying games such as 5e within the iconic and deeply atmospheric worlds of dark fantasy. The idea of incorporating dark fantasy elements into your next (or first!) campaign may be naught...