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A Grim Hollow(een)
Oct 21, 2019

So.. this update seems a little overdue!

With the immense success of Grim Hollows Kickstarter, we very quickly found ourselves swamped with very little free time, something we hadn’t quite expected but were pleasantly surprised to be working through. Now that the dust has finally settled and we are back on top of everything, it’s time to share with the group.

Grim Hollow has been an amazing first Kickstarter; with over 4,500 backers and 660% funding, we were completely blown away. The amount of support that this community put behind us was incredibly humbling and we cannot thank you all enough!

With our first Playtest released and feedback received, our second Playtest roaring along and Halloween creeping upon us all, we have been thinking of a way that we can give something back to the community that has given us so much.

So, why not a spooky Grim Hollow themed Halloween Competition?

The winning submissions will receive a Grim Hollow Themed GM Screen, A copy of our Special Edition Hardcover Grim Hollow book and our Grim Hollow Wall Banner.

The competition is fairly straight-forward, you can choose to either send through art based off of Grim Hollow or something that you think would fit well within this setting.

If art is not your strong point (it’s not mine either) then you can submit a short story based on an encounter or concept that would fit the setting ?. To be clear, there will be two separate winners. One winner for the writing competition AND one winner for the art competition.

To keep it befitting of Halloween and the world of Etharis, the spookier the better!

If you consider yourself both an amazing artist AND writer (you gifted soul, you) , then feel free to enter both.
One winner will be chosen for Art, the other will be chosen for Writing; so, don’t worry if you can only do one or the other!
Entries will run until 12:00 am, 31st of October (EST – Eastern Standard Time). Please submit all entries to [email protected]
Please include your name and the best contact details along with your submission.
Winners will be announced via social media, along with being privately contacted, on the 31st Of October.


Good luck to all! We are excited to see what you can create.

Ghostfire Gaming



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