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#30. D&D Beyond is Bought and Spelljammer Confirmed
Apr 28, 2022

#30. D&D Beyond is Bought and Spelljammer Confirmed

We dive deep into the Dungeons & Dragons news from D&D Direct, including Spelljammer, Dragonlance, Baldur’s Gate, campaign cases and more! Plus we dissect the implications (good and bad) of Wizards of the Coast purchasing D&D Beyond!

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Shawn: @shawnmerwin

07:35 – D&D Beyond acquired by Wizards of the Coast
20:34 – Goon balloon
22:02 – D&D Beyond data in WotC hands
26:40 – Will D&D become more complex with digital tools?
28:29 – Videogamification of D&D
37:51 – D&D Direct (Spelljammer)
54:51 – Rapid fire D&D Direct roundup

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