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#28. Make Dungeons Inspired by The Legend of Zelda
Apr 14, 2022

#28. Make Dungeons Inspired by The Legend of Zelda

This week’s news is Hasbro’s stealth announcement of a new D&D starter adventure, ‘Dragons of Shipwreck Cove’, and the next chapter of Fables is revealed to be more open world! James is inspired by The Legend of Zelda, Dael rolls for initiative against a giant spider, Shawn recounts more of 5e’s beginnings, and Ben doesn’t like Skyrim.

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Dael: @DailyDael
James: @jameshaeck
Shawn: @shawnmerwin

00:17 – Dael’s battle with Australian fauna
01:18 – Our first D&D 5e Adventures
07:28 – New D&D 5e starter box: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle
22:49Fables Episode 4: Land of Despair
35:20 – Zelda dungeons are fantastic for TTRPG design!
43:57 – Designing adventures: is everything a dungeon?
52:34 – Game design ideas and resources

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