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#25. Alternative Leveling Up Options for 5e!
Mar 24, 2022

#25. Alternative Leveling Up Options for 5e!

This week we get hyped for the Dungeons & Dragons movie with Chris Pine and Hugh Grant, and debate whether it feels good to level up in 5e. Ben just keeps his players at level 1, Dael is kinder to leveling than she’s been in the past, James is on Witcher Watch this week, and Shawn is glad it’s not like earlier editions.

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Dael: @DailyDael
James: @jameshaeck
Shawn: @shawnmerwin

05:00 – The upcoming D&D movie!
15:10 – Is Hugh Grant villainous enough?
20:47 – What kind of adventure will the D&D movie be?
22:25 – Leveling up in D&D 5e
29:39 – Milestone vs XP – which is better?
45:13 – Leveling system in Fables: Citadel of the Unseen Sun
50:34 – Defining what spells are “legal” in your campaign

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